Turnbull Built Site Induction Form

Turnbull Built required that all personnel understand and conform to the following safety practices, policies and procedures that are in place on the site before entering the site.

All site induction forms must be completed by each worker and sent back to adam@turnbullbuilt.com.au before commencing works on site.

Please complete the form below

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Emergency Contact Information

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Turnbull Built Terms and Conditions

Please read and check each condition to acknowledge that you understand Turnbull Built conditions and that any work performed on site will be in accordance with these conditions. At the end of the checklist please upload the requested documents and sign the declaration.

1. Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) to be worn where required *
2. No safety barriers or signs are to be removed without Safety Officers permission *
3. Power leads shall be kept off the ground *
Yes No 4. Power tools and electrical leads to be inspected and certified with current identification tag in accordance with AS/NAS 3760-1996 *
5. Residential Current Devices (RCD) must be used. No unprotected double adaptors or 4-way outlets. *
6. Leads must not exceed 32m in length *
7. Any operators of explosive power tools must be trained in operation and appropriate signs displayed during use *
8.Contractors must hold current licenses and insurance for works to be performed on site *
9. Where it is not practicable to provide scaffold or guard rails, approved safety harnesses must be used *
10. All contractor’s materials and equipment are stored on site at own risk *
11. All incidents or theft or damage will be reported to the Police with the intent of prosecution *
12. Safety audits and inspections will be carried out on site *
13. All building waste to be placed in skip and area of work to be swept and tidied before leaving site *
14. Report any injury to the safety officer *

Please ensure that the following documents are emailed to

1. SWMS 2. Site Management Plan 3. Copy of Current White Card NOTE: Works cannot commence until these documents have been received

I have emailed my SWMS and SITE MANAGEMENT PLAN *